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ENGLISH Curriculum

Story-boards of the serie "Misha the violet cat" produced by TEIDEES
Design and artistic direction of the documentaly "Txuri, una garceta común" ("Txingudi." Natural Park- Spot)
Artistic Direction shortfilm "Gea", directed by Jaime Maestro.

storyboards and artistic review of the serie "Misha, the cat violet" produced by TEIDEES.
Artistic Direction shortfilm "Orbits", directed by Jaime Maestro.
Artistic Direction shortfilm "Neighborgs", directed by Jaime Maestro.
Artistic Direction shortfilm "The thief of faces", directed by Jaime Maestro.
Various TV Spots Storyboards for Productora "La Bombilla".
Flash animations for Nestlé S.L.
Differents Ilustrattions for IDEAS PROPIAS Editorial. 
Cartoon Preproduction Teacher in "Primer Frame School" of Valencia (Spain) directed by Jaime Maestro.
Coordinator of "TALLERES VIVOS" ( Live model drawing School)

 "Pos eso" The Movie (stop motion) Storyboard artist, co-writter and character design.  (Conflictivos Productions)
Differents Ilustrattions for IDEAS PROPIAS Editorial.
 Winner of best Soundtrack "Semana de cine Medina del campo" by "Corazón encharcado"Shotfilm.
 Cartoon Preproduction Teacher in "Primer Frame School" of Valencia (Spain) directed by Jaime Maestro.
 " Joshua Blake: The agency" (ToonF Animation) Props Designs

Story-Boards for animated serie TV "Lua i el mon"- MEDIAPRO.

Screenwriter conceived and directed the animated short film “ Corazón encharcado” (11')Produced by Sonora Estudios and Govierno Basque

Various illustrations commissioned by the Department of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana. Various campaigns.

2008 2009
pre-production team member of the company BKN Kids, performing the following tasks:
Storyboards for animated series “Stone Age” (26x13 ‘)
Art-concept, preproduction, story-board and trailer for the series “Zorro-Generation Z
Art-concept, preproduction, story-board and trailer for the series “Joshua Blake: The agency

Creation and management of a small promotional “Filosofía secreta de Paquita la Discreta” (4 ‘) for Discret Sexshop SL.
Done in Flash for broadcast on the Internet.

Design Muppets project “Ain”. Late Show created by Miguel Gallardo for TV3.

Creation and management of short animated films for the theatrical production “Ground Zero” Theater de los manantiales.
Storyboards for the 2007 film “Pollystatic” produced by Curious Pictures.

Campaign against abuse school for the Generalitat Valenciana 2007
Story-boards and illustrations for the preschool series Danny& Daddy (104x5 ‘) Produced by 3deIII
Flash animations for 2007 campaign promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana
“I like writing stories” (36 animations for DVD) “I like problems” (36 animations for DVD)

Preproduction and promotional direction for the series “Uno mas” created by producer MalagaEliteVisión Malaga.

Writer of the series “Gloops"(104X5 ‘) produced by Neptuno Films.


All Story-boards for the series “Bugwatch” (26x13 ‘) from Trucafilms ( and 3D.)2D
Mounting animated and reviewing scripts for “Bugwatch”

Storyboards for Famosa Juguetera SL (More than 30 spots)

Storyboard for Globomedia.Videoclip MAM (Miguel Angel Muñoz)

Story-boards and lay-outs for the series “CLOUD TROTTERS” produced by Toon Factory.

Story-boards for the series “Bandolero” produced by Neptuno Films

Story-boards, lay-outs and designs of the series “Meme and the gang” produced by Icon Animation.


Member of the storyboard team for feature films: “Dennis the Menace,” “EL ZORRO” and “Lost World”
Produced by DIC Entertainment.

Story-boards for the following series: “Nico,” “Gladiator academy” produced by BRB

Character design for the project from the film “Meme”. IMIRA.

planner scenes for the series “The Little Shoemaker Lapitz (26x26 ‘) Produced by Neptuno Films.

Story-board for real-image film “The Legend of a bad man” Dir: M. Ballesteros Fotog.: Hans Burgmann.

Artistic Director, co-writer and creator of all the designs and story-boards (26x26 ‘) from the series “Meme and Sr.Bobo” (26x26’)
Produced by MB Productions (now IMIRA)

Design and storyboards for the short "La Superrabieta” produced by MB Producciones.
Two Awards in the Film Festival in Alcalá de Henares in this same year.